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Heart Structure and Function

Pumping blood through the lungs removes carbon dioxide and refreshes the blood with oxygen.

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Laser Cardiotherapy Specialist in Pune

Laser CardioTherapy

using the balanced science of Ayurveda, brings to you a "Cardiac Medicine" called "Laser CardioTherapy".

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Laser Hemotherapy Specialist in Pune

Laser Hemotherapy

Laser Hemotherapy device uses low energy laser of specific wavelengths 650nm to illuminate the blood ...

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Health Treatment

How It Work?

Since ages in Ayurveda it is believed “Energy is life”. So long there is energy in our body we are alive once this energy ...

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Health Benefits of Laser Hemotherapy

Cardiac Hospital in Pune
Blood Transfusion

Dissolves Mini-Thrombi.Thrombi, Thromboses, Including the Deep Once & Reduces Blood Sugar Levels ,Diabetes.


Quickly Works Against Hypertension, Actively Lowers Blood Pressure and Minimises the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.


Minimises the Impact of Diabetes/Complications of Diabetes, Significantly Improves Quality of Life of Diabetics.


Prevents Vascular Strokes,Heart Attacks,Helps to normalize conditions after stroke and heart attacks.


Gradually Removes Blood Cell Clusters and Deposits in Blood Vessels ,Cleans Blood Vessels & Improves and Deepens Sleep.


Reduces and Restrains Atherosclerosis, Memory Disorders, Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinson's Disease.

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